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I am a 27 year old Software Engineer on the road the early Financial Independence. I started the journey nearly a year ago and have already learned so much, that I thought I better start writing some of it down. My hope is that some of my experiences, mistakes, and goals would encourage others to try something new. I seriously considered not starting a blog (there are so many good early retiree blogs already) but it has been difficult for me to find a blog that started so early into the journey as where I am today. As I perused all of these great blogs with awesome advice, I wanted to see the struggle for improvement. I wanted to experience the journey towards freedom; but most blogs start a year or two before retirement, or in some cases after the leap to early retirement. So, this will be a blog about my imperfect (early) road to Financial Independence – my current trajectory suggests I will become financially independent in about 8 years.

When I tell people that I plan to retire at the age of 35, I am usually met with skepticism. When they discover that I am married, and already have a son, skepticism turns to a complete inability to believe my words. I get reactions like: “Just wait until your son is older. You will not believe how expensive having a child is.” or “You are just living like a poor person, what is the big deal, I want to be able to afford anything I want.” It is possible that I do not actually understand how much my son will cost (but I can honestly say, he is already WAY cheaper than what other people have spent to this point – and he is one of the best things that has ever happened to me). In regard to living like a “poor person,” as my cost of living has come down we have begun to recognize what is important to us. In many cases I would suggest that my family’s quality of life has increased many-fold. Living off of a small percentage of my salary is not a burden, but an enabler to a new, better life.

Sometimes, though, I’ll meet someone that quickly grasps the basics of Financial Independence and takes the reins into their own hands. These people are eager to learn new things, and are looking for a path that does not involve a 45 year career at a job they dislike. This blog is intended to help those individuals achieve their goals, while hopefully swaying some of the nay-sayers.

I look forward to getting to know you, and having you join my journey towards financial independence.


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