July 2017 – Spending Revealed

Monthly Spending Savings Investments

This month, we overspent in a few categories, and missed several goals. However, the really cool thing is that despite all of that, we still hit VERY close to our target of $24,000 spending or less per year. This month we learned that we should probably plan out categories and spending for big events like our wedding anniversary (7th). This time around we chose to buy lots of tasty food, and have a stay-cation. Next time we want to plan further ahead financially, and have a bucket of money ready to go. We have already started planning our 10th wedding anniversary for Hawaii! Looking forward to that! We also learned that we should plan ahead for family visits. We love being hospitable, it is truly a great joy. Planning ahead though makes life much easier, and lighter on the wallet. As an example, having a soup mix in the pantry that we can cook at a moments notice is super useful.

Next Month Goals

  1. Hum Line Cancel
  2. Grocery Budget Followed (<=$200)
  3. Restaurants Budget Followed (<=$100) – This time we REALLY mean it 😀 (We just love food)
  4. Create a way of visualizing our spending over time.
  5. Combine my FI Progress Updates with my Spending Updates. I have started this by including data of our investment portfolio in this post

July 2017 Spending

Item / ServiceCostNotes
Mortgage Payment$1,351
Prius Loan$302
Church Donation$200
Compassion International$38
Groceries$302We overspent. Our new target is $200. The overspending was intentional though. We had family stay over for about a week, hosted several parties, experimented with home-made ice-cream, and spent about $60 of this on celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary.
Gas$108Still thinking about biking to work...
Chiropractor$114Our son has been experiencing back pains, and trouble sleeping. A visit to the Chiropractor showed that he needed some work done.
Telephones$26.81We are with Republic Wireless currently, but may be making a transition to Google Fi. If you haven't heard about Republic Wireless, check them out.
Hum$10.08We have a Hum that reports diagnostics for our car. We plan to cancel the line next month.
Clothing$29Lots of things from a consignment store.
Relevant Magazine$14.99
Children's Book$2.13
ATM Withdraw$40Not yet spent
Total Spent:$3,030
Less Mortgage$2,083.81Tracking for passive income of $25,005 / yr. to be financially independent.

Investments Update

Our balance total is $105,018.

This months contributions: $2,624

Balance one month ago: $100,249

Net Portfolio Performance this Month: UP $2,145 (UP 2.14%)

Requirement to be Financially Independent: $800,000 (13.127% Achieved)

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