June 2017 – Spending Revealed

Time to come clean. I have often been told that the best way to achieve goals is to tell people about them. That way, you can be held accountable. I considered not putting our numbers out there, as I wasn’t even sure I wanted friends and family to see them… but I decided that the best way for someone to learn is to witness our mistakes (and hopefully growth) over the coming years.

My wife and I spent a chunk of our money on various non-necessities this month – including a broken washing machine we bought. Despite the failure of not saving as much as we had hoped, it is encouraging that our overall spending still falls near the target of spending less than $24,000 per year. We are putting some plans in place to make next month better than this one. Some things I hope to show you next month:

  1. Less Spending on Restaurants. (By a lot!)
  2. More Focus of our Money. (Lots of categories below – do we really need them all?)
  3. No Hum Line.
  4. Less Grocery Spending. (We want to track $200 / mo. or less going forward)

June 2017 Spending

Item / ServiceCostNotes
Mortgage Payment$1,356We are considering moving to a smaller house.
Prius Loan$302
Eye Appointment$235On top of an eye exam, I bought new eye glasses.
Church Donation$200
Compassion International$38
Groceries$276.02Our target was $260 this month. After having several parties, I feel pretty good about only over-spending by ~$16
Restaurants$270.19We overspent here by a lot, planning to get this below $100 next month, and lower after that.
Utilities$137.85Electricity was fairly cheap this month, read $100.
Gas$109.93I'm musing over biking to work... If I do, this could be cut in half.
Grill Accessories$64.25The wife bought me some useful things to keep our grill up to par for Father's Day.
Stainless Steel Washing Machine$50Yeah, I bought a broken, beautiful stainless steel washing machine. Looks like I can fix it for $200, it's worth $800. We plan to upgrade our current setup, and sell the old one. Look for a D-I-Y post about this later.
Telephones$27.35We are with Republic Wireless currently, but may be making a transition to Google Fi. If you haven't heard about Republic Wireless, check them out.
Hum$10.08We have a Hum that reports diagnostics for our car. We plan to cancel the line next month.
TheGetAwayFund Startup Costs$23.87
Clothing$56.35Purchased from Dollar General, several baby outfits + Jeans for the wife.
Batteries$4.06Batteries to revive a dying watch.
ATM Withdraw$60Various purchases from Garage Sales, baby outfits, an Elmo chair, a super awesome bike trailer - I will try to be more detailed about garage sale things next month.
YMCA Membership$100100 days of membership + childcare. We will cancel when the 100 days expire.
Hickies$27.98Some fancy shoelaces.
Total Spent:$3,454.37
Less Mortgage$2,089.37Tracking for passive income of $25,072 / yr. to be financially independent, despite several categories of luxurious spending.


So, what do you think, are there areas we could improve? Are we missing opportunities?


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